CJ wins at Xtreme Bots Competition

CJ students are helping pave the way in the future of engineering, with the help of some robots.

Recently, members of the CJ Extreme Bots club participated in the Xtreme Bots Competition at Wright State University. Club moderator Eric Grimm said even though CJ has participated in this competition before, this was the first year two robots were submitted to compete.

According to the Xtreme Bots' website, "this exciting, fast-paced team competition immerses high school students in a convergence of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and spark-throwing awesomeness."

"The robots were designed and built by students. It gives them an opportunity to learn about electronics and mechanical design and radio control," said Grimm.

Students began meeting in February with the goal to participate in the Xtreme Bots competition. During the building phase, students had to plan how their robot would work and how it could be superior to other robots.

The Xtreme Bots competition consists of rounds where two robots battle each other. Each round lasts three minutes. Grimm said a winner is determined if one robot impairs the other robot or a three-judge panel will decide a winner if both robots are functioning at the end of the round.

"The students did a great job at this year's competition," Grimm expressed.

CJ's team, Element 13, named their robot Mystical Space Typhoon. Members Aaron Gerhard, Josh Hughes, Cole Mason and Patrick Murray participated in the competition, winning one round and losing two. The students' design, which was constructed by Narrow Way Custom Technology, had a pointed front and a lawn mower blade on top for protection against other robots.

The other team representing CJ, The Elemental Heroes, named their robot Blazeman. Members E.J. Cervantes, Tyler Curtis, Evan Skrobot and Jordan Thomasson had judges relooking at the rule books because of the robot's design. Their robot, constructed with help from the Hobby Shop, had a scoop as the main defensive technique, which the judges had never seen before.

"CJ had a really unique design. A lot of the other robots used a wedge or spinning weapon. But The Elemental Heroes used the innovative idea of a scoop. The plan was to trap and immobilize the other robot," said Grimm.

The inventive design wowed the crowd as well, earning The Elemental Heroes the People's Choice Award.

"Our robot is so powerful without being violent," said Thomasson '16 while accepting the award on behalf of the team. Blazeman won three rounds but was defeated in a final round.

Grimm said after the success at this year's competition, he has high hopes about the quality of robots the club can produce in the years to come. He invited anyone with an interest in robots and engineering to consider joining the club.

"There is no experience is necessary. We have a wide variety of people who have some experience but we’re always looking for new members and new ideas.”

The Extreme Bots club will most likely participate in the Xtreme Bots competition this fall and next spring, with the possibility of traveling to other competitions in the state, according to Grimm.