Club Makes Rosaries For A Cause

"We're into the little stuff. We don't hold events, we don't demonstrate on the street. We just make rosaries."

Helen Sparrow '19 wants to make an impact beyond the Dayton area. That's why she organized one of CJ's newest clubs, The Glory Beads.

"The Glory Beads are a group of students interested in honoring our Blessed Mother in a unique way: by making rosaries," said Sparrow.

During meetings, students make cord and bead rosaries for distribution to various causes, including troops stationed overseas, nursing homes, and other missions.

"The Rosary is an amazingly powerful and universal prayer, and if we can prompt people all over the globe to say it by providing them with a tool for doing so, then we'll leave the world better than we found it," Sparrow shared.

The Glory Beads meets on the second and fourth Thursday of every month in Room 150. There are no club dues and all materials are provided. Students interested in learning more or participating are welcome to come to any club meeting and do not need to sign-up ahead of time.

"I'm pretty psyched about getting other people into making rosaries," Sparrow said. "It's a beautiful and relatively easy handicraft that can touch so many people. Everyone wins."