Clubs Work Together for Science Olympiad Competition

Students in the Science Olympiad and Robotics Clubs worked together to submit a piece for an event in the Science Olympiad regional competition on Saturday, March 18.

“I do not have the expertise, or the equipment, to be building a robot that is as sophisticated as required by the competition,” Science Olympiad moderator Matt Fuhs explained. “It happened to work out great that Science Olympiad and the Robotics teams meet at the same time during the week.”

“The Robotics team was looking for a new project this year,” Fuhs continued. “I proposed the idea to Robotics club moderator, Eric Grimm, to have the Robotics team take on the event, and they ran with it from there.”

“It was really interesting to work with the Robotics team,” Science Olympiad member Regan Monigan ‘19 explained. “I had only had mentor-like positions in dance before, which was nothing like working with the team. I would test the robot and give them my thoughts and critique, along with being there to help.”

The overall competition was divided into 23 events, Fuhs explained.

“The events are broken down into the following categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Nature of Science, Technology and Engineering, and Earth and Space Sciences,” said Fuhs. “There is a regional competition every year at Piqua High School. Winners can go on to state and national tournaments. We spend our time throughout the year preparing for our regional tournament. Depending on the event, some students design and build structures, some students study for tests, and some perform labs.”

CJ earned a 12 out of 16 in the robotics portion of the competition. The team placed 14th overall.

“We had nine students on the team, and only one was a senior,” Fuhs shared. “We hope to grow our team in the coming years and bring home some medals from the competition.”

“It was really fun working with both Robotics and Science Olympiad,” Monigan added. “It was a great group of people that I got to work with. I'm definitely competing again next year!”

Posted March 27, 2017