College Representatives Coming to CJ

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to learn more about colleges that interest them during their school day at CJ.

As in years past and again this year, representatives from colleges throughout the country will come to CJ for in-school visits.

"Generally speaking, the person who is coming from the college is the person who may reading a student's application," explained Charlene Wheeler, director of guidance. "For our students, this is their first direct contact with that admissions office at the school where they are interested in going."

The first in-school college visit of the 2015-2016 school year was on Tuesday, September 8, when a representative from Miami University's Middletown campus came to CJ.

"For students, it's really important to explore the different options that are out there," said Miami University, Middletown campus representative, Ashley Cundiff.  

The in-school visits are scheduled periodically throughout the year. So far, more than 30 universities have signed up to send a representative to CJ, some as far away as Denver and San Diego.

"Having the in-school visits saves time and money," shared Wheeler. "The visits also allow students to ask their own personal questions. You can read the summaries in books, but this is their opportunity to ask questions important to them and have those questions answered."

The list of universities sending representatives to CJ will be updated throughout the year. Students can find the list of in-school college visits on the Family Connection/Naviance website. Students are also asked to sign up on that website at least two days ahead of any visit with a college representative.