Culinary Experience Creates New Bonds

Creative concoctions were constructed beyond the expectations of moderator Susan Eichenauer, who with the Key Club, hosted the first "Cake Boss Competition."

"The idea was basically to provide a unique and different after school activity for students to get them connected with a different group of kids," Eichenauer said.

The idea for the competition came from watching a popular television show Eichenauer said. When she suggested the idea to Key Club members, they quickly cooked up how CJ could do their own version. Twenty students signed up for the cake decorating event but enthusiasm about the competition spead throughout the school, as more students tried to participate in the competition after sign-ups were over.

While most students said they were excited about eating the cake at the end, most knew another reason why after-school activities like this are important. According to Laura Springman 15, events like this "give us a way to get to know the people, and grow bonds."