DBJ Honors Three From CJ for Forty under 40 Honors

It was recently announced that three members of the Chaminade Julienne community, Brett Chmiel ’02, director of admissions, Amanda Ooten, science department co-chair and teacher, and Dan Meixner ’84, president, were named 2016 Dayton Business Journal’s Forty under 40 honorees. Chmiel and Ooten were recognized as members of the 2016 Forty under 40 class. Meixner, who was named a Forty under 40 recipient in 1999, was selected as the 2016 inductee into the Forty under 40 Hall of Fame.
The winners were asked to share their thoughts about the recognition:
Where were you when you learned about the honor?
Chmiel: “I was at a presentation for my students’ capstone project, as I am their mentor. I glanced at the e-mail about the award as I was overseeing our seniors present to freshmen males on the importance of real masculinity.”
Ooten: “I was at a Project Lead the Way conference in Indianapolis and I was very excited! I immediately called my husband and told him first.”
Meixner: “I returned Carol Clark's (publisher of DBJ) telephone call after receiving a voicemail from her that she had good news to share.  I thought it might have something to do with the two members of the CJ team who had just been selected as members of the 2016 class of Forty under 40.  Instead, she told me that I had been selected for the Hall of Fame.  Because I was a bit speechless, I texted my wife at work.  She texted back later that day that she was proud of me.”
What does it mean to you to be recognized for this honor?
Chmiel: “I am humbled to be nominated as a Forty under 40 and honored to be categorized with so many other successful leaders across the region. I am proud of the fact that three members from CJ were named for their accomplishments. It makes me proud of our non-profit educational institution and for our work at CJ.” 
Ooten: “I first felt so honored that CJ even nominated me, and then to be the only teacher chosen out of 240 nominees was just unbelievable. I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful community. I truly give all credit for this award to my students, colleagues and administration who make me a better teacher each day.”
Meixner: “The people who made the selection recognize the impact that Chaminade Julienne is having on our students and the greater Dayton region.  We have made exciting progress in recent years because we have a supportive community, outstanding teachers, staff members, volunteers, and parents - and I'm receiving recognition that their efforts have helped secure.  I am so blessed.
“I am so proud of our outstanding teachers and staff members.  Recognition received by Brett and Amanda tells the community what we already know - we have wonderful people working at CJ who make a difference in the lives of young people.  Because of their work, our community is better.”
You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s announcement about Chmiel and Ooten’s recognition here. You can read the Dayton Business Journal’s announcement about Meixner’s Hall of Fame induction here. All three will be honored at the Forty under 40 awards banquet on Thursday, May 19 at the Schuster Center.
Posted April 8, 2016