DCDC2 Performs As Part of Muse Machine Series

The CJ student body gathered all together for the first time in the newly renovated auditorium when the training ensemble with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC2) performed “And That’s Our Story” as part of a Muse Machine presentation.

“DCDC has been partnering with the Muse Machine since it’s inception in 1982,” said the DCDC Director of Education and Outreach Services, Shonna Hickman-Matlock. “One of Muse Machine’s missions is not only to be able to bring arts into the schools but to build future audiences for the arts organizations. In-school performances provide that opportunity for students who wouldn’t have that chance to see the culture of live theater normally.”

CJ Choir and Drama teacher Caitlin Bennett agreed, “It is a unique opportunity for professional artists and musicians to come to the schools and perform. This gives our students an opportunity to see a performance that they otherwise may not be able to see, or think they are interested in seeing. DCDC always does an excellent job in their in-school performances!”

“And That’s Our Story” provided students a visual understanding of the creation of DCDC and the dedication of the group’s founder, Jeraldyne Blunden, to make DCDC known not only in the Dayton-area, but around the world.

“The company has been around for 48 years,” Hickman-Matlock noted. “Jeraldyne Blunden was very instrumental in championing other arts organizations to provide arts and cultures not only in the schools, but in the community as well.

Hickman-Matlock continued, “We have a performance season where we present three major concerts in the area. We are also a touring company so we tour nationally and internationally, and we carry the Dayton name everywhere we go.”

This was the second Muse Machine performance at CJ this school year.

Posted February 1, 2017