Eagle Ambassadors Prepare to Welcome Families

Eagle Ambassadors prepare for the 2016-17 school year

It was a moment that brought Danielle Lewis to tears and led her to where she is today.

It was my first day at CJ and I could not, for the life of me, get my locker open,” Danielle said. “I started crying and then this Eagle Ambassador comes over – like an angel – and helped me get my locker open and led me to my class. I remember her saying ‘I can help you,’ and she did.”

Fast forward three years and, now, it’s Lewis who is there to help as the senior is in her third year as an Eagle Ambassador herself. Eagle Ambassadors are representatives of the CJ community. They are the main source of information for prospective families, whether it’s during the CJ Discovery Days, Open House, Eagle Experience Day, or at community events.

“The biggest advantage is that it’s not an adult talking to you, it’s students talking about their experiences,” she said. “You are on the same level.”

A new class of 60 ambassadors recently participated in their annual retreat and training session in preparation for the 2016-17 school year. The program – which began seven years ago with just 25 ambassadors – is now more than 160 strong. Eagle Ambassadors participate in approximately 40 events a year and host as many as 300 student shadows.

“It’s about creating a positive on-campus experiences,” said Brett Chmiel, director of admissions. “The ambassadors are telling their story – telling the CJ story. They are caretakers of the mission.”

Sophomore Matt Reuter, of Beavercreek, is a first-year Eagle Ambassador following in the footsteps of his sister Annie and brother Nathaniel who have both been ambassadors. While there was little doubt that Matt would be an Eagle – with two siblings already at CJ – shadowing an ambassador and attending open house, sealed the deal. Becoming an ambassador himself was the next logical step.

“The ambassadors help create a more welcoming environment,” he said. “I really like CJ and I want to be able to promote it.”