Eagles Experience Marianist Summer LIFE Week

Seven Eagles spent a week of their summer with other students from all around the country for a Marianist faith formation experience.

The week was part of the Marianist Summer LIFE program focused on leadership development, social justice education, prayer, and fun.

“To be honest, I was a little hesitant at first because it was five days out of my summer and a majority of the people there would be from other schools across the country,” shared Katie Bardine ‘19. “But, after encouragement...I applied and went! I am glad I did — it was amazing!”

“The sense of community that everyone felt the whole week was awesome,” added Aubrey Trimbach ‘20. “This was because no one judged one another, no one was better than anyone else, and everyone could just be themselves. It was such a freeing feeling to be a part of the LIFE family.”

Throughout the week, the students were put together in small groups mostly with people from other schools.

“We all came to trust each other, even though we were all complete strangers at the beginning of the week,” Trimbach reflected.

Ben Kneblik '20 agreed, “We had awesome discussions in groups.”

Along with meeting new people, the students came back with tools that will help them lead MLC Monday activities at CJ.

“I learned about the different ways to pray and how to find God in music, nature or adoration,” Bardine said. “We did a, ‘prayer fair’ full of stations with different forms of prayer!”

Bardine added, “If you are given the opportunity to go on LIFE week- go! It may seem scary at first because of all the new people and it can require you to get out of your comfort zone. But once you form authentic, genuine and meaningful relationships with those on LIFE week, you will never want to leave.”

Trimbach agreed, “We had formed this amazing bond and we were like a family. That feeling will be something I will never forget and will forever hold on to.”

Posted August 14, 2018