Eagles for Life Attend SFLA Ohio Leadership Summit

During their last weekend of Easter break, members of the Eagles for Life club went to Columbus to attend the Students for Life of America Ohio Leadership Summit. This was the first time Eagles for Life participated in the Ohio Summit, said club moderator Karen Emmerich.

"Many of the presenters were young adults who are passionate about life issues and working in careers that have a direct impact on changing laws and the culture," Emmerich continued. "I've seen at the March for Life over the years that the Pro-Life movement is becoming more and more a movement of young people.  The Ohio Conference showed that young people are really moving into positions in the Church, in Government, and in social agencies where they can affect real change."

During the Summit, students heard from a variety of speakers and attended breakout sessions.

"My favorite speaker was Bryan Kemper," shared Erin Colbert '17. "He had his own personal experience about how abortion affected his own life and how he's lived."

"I enjoyed listening to Jennifer Kiessling who is the President of Save the 1," added Mo Zopff '16. Zopff explained that Save the 1 is a Pro-Life organization with the mission to educate all about the importance and protection of every pre-born child.

Emmerich noted, "I really appreciated Peter Range, from Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo, who spoke about how his Pro-Life passion developed out of his love for his father who was a quadriplegic.  He made a compelling case for protecting all lives from 'womb to tomb.'"

The students also learned useful tools when talking to someone about their message of Pro-Life.

"My biggest take away from the summit was to understand where others are coming from when they are Pro-Choice and how to explain to them the Pro-Life stand point in an effective way," Colbert explained. "I learned how to appropriately approach a conversation with a Pro-Choice person and about the biological effects of abortion on people."

Also during the summit, the Eagles for Life members were recognized by Anna Held, the Great Lakes Regional Coordinator of Students for Life of America, for being named the 2015 National High School Group of the Year.

When reflecting about the Summit overall, Zopff said, "It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and I got to hear amazing Pro-Life stories!"

Posted April 4, 2016