Eagles Lobby in Columbus

Pro-life students from across Ohio traveled to Columbus earlier this week to share their support of HB 294 and SB 127. The bills target the use of state funds for Planned Parenthood and stopping abortions. Several members of the CJ club Eagles for Life went to the state capitol in support of the legislation.

"Lobbying in Columbus made me feel important, "shared Genevieve Lofland '18.

A group of CJ seniors also attended the gathering as part of their Senior Capstone Project. That group's capstone focus was to research and learn more about the activities of Planned Parenthood and create greater awareness of Planned Parenthood.

While in Columbus, the entire CJ group met with State Representative Michael Henne, who represents part of Montgomery County. He is also a current CJ parent.

"This was tremendous because of his connection to the CJ community," shared teacher and Eagles for Life moderator, Karen Emmerich.

As part of the trip, students also sat in a hearing about HB 294 and SB 127.

"I was most surprised to learn that Ohio is ranked seventh in infant mortality rates," Lofland said about the hearing.

"I hope that students had a positive experience of participating in the legislative process and that the experience inspires them to continue to pay attention to the legislative process and to understand the power of their vote," expressed Emmerich.

Sam Teague '16 agreed, "It was an awesome trip where I learned more about how government works and got to lobby for something I believe very strongly in."