Eagles March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Eagles bundled in hats, gloves, and walking shoes held signs of hope to end abortion as they marched in Washington, D.C. as part of the annual March for Life on January 18.

“It's amazing to see how many people share the same belief as you and who are willing to go out in the middle of winter and march in a huge crowd to stand up for something so important,” said Alex Camp ‘19.

“I was struck by a couple of factors at the March,” shared Joe Allaire ‘19. “There was an overwhelming feeling of calmness in the crowd which I found surprising and peaceful. I was also struck by just how young the marchers were on average and the representation from the youth of the movement was overwhelming.”

"It was so amazing how people from all over the country and world came to Washington all to support the same thing,” reflected Anna Hiett ‘21.

Mikayla Jette ‘21 added, “Going to the march made me feel connected with my community. I was apart of something bigger than myself. I got to advocate for someone that can't speak for themselves.”

During their time in the nation’s capital, the group attended several Masses and on Saturday, attended the Students for Life of America National Conference.

“My favorite part of the weekend was the conference,” said Eden Abernethy ‘22. “I learned many things and was inspired by a lot of the speakers.”

“After I leave the conference I feel very touched after hearing stories, learning about specific things, and having a way to make a difference and be a strong advocate for Pro-Life,” added Rylee Smith ‘21.

“I now feel educated on the stance of pro-life and I feel much stronger about the topic,” shared Raegan Meyer ‘21. “I think that if anyone is considering going they should do it because it was an amazing, eye-opening experience. By going to the March for Life, I now know I am not alone in this battle for pro-life.”

“The pro-life movement is not just one of Christians,” said Allaire. “Although there are a ton of them involved, the pro-life movement is so much more. From atheists, Muslims, feminists, and priests, the pro-life movement is one of humanity. We are all human and different but we must unite to defend the life that we have been given and step up to the responsibility to care for those who are in danger of losing their own.”

Jette added, “I have a new appreciation for parents and they deserve a big thank you for all they do and go through for their children.”

Posted January 23, 2019