Eagles Named Scholastic Art & Writing Winners

For more than nine decades, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers has been honoring teenagers with exceptional artistic and writing talents through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. This year, Chaminade Julienne had several students recognized for their artwork or writing:

  • Claire Armstrong - Silver Key (painting), Honorable Mention (mixed media)
  • Selena Aungst - Silver Key (poetry)
  • Lydia Bice - Honorable Mention (critical essay)
  • Olivia Boch - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Elizabeth Blackshire - Gold Key (comic art), Silver Key (short story), Silver Key (poetry), Honorable Mention (poetry), Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Rachel Boll - Silver Key (painting), two Honorable Mentions (painting), Honorable Mention (science fiction/fantasy)
  • Zachary Braun - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Ian Carmody - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Adam Cyphers - Honorable Mention (writing - humor)
  • Natalie Davis - Honorable Mention (personal essay/memoir)
  • Caroline Delaney - Silver Key (personal essay)
  • Jacob Ely - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Lizzy Ernst - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Samantha Evans - Silver Key (poetry)
  • Parker Ferdelman - Silver Key (ceramics)
  • Natalie Feucht - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Nikki Gabriel - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Aaron Gerhard - Honorable Mention (ceramics)
  • Anjalee Guy - Honorable Mention (ceramics)
  • Madeline Hofstetter - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Jasmine Hughes - Honorable Mention (science fiction/fantasy)
  • Grace Jackson - Honorable Mention (flash fiction)
  • Alex Mayer - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Emery Monnig - Silver Key (poetry)
  • Brianna Moore - Silver Key (ceramics)
  • Alexis Nelson - Honorable Mention (personal essay/memoir)
  • Katherine Kohnen - Silver Key (poetry), Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Joseph Rains - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Ellie Reeves - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Josie Schlangen - Silver Key (poetry)
  • Megan Schultz - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Hanna Schwager - Honorable Mention (poetry), Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Holly Siefert - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Emsley Spees - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Tim Sprowl - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Anastasia Stowers - Honorable Mention (drawing)
  • Treavor Sweat - Honorable Mention (drawing)
  • David Teague - Honorable Mention (personal essay/memoir)
  • Mia Tillar - Silver Key (drawing)
  • Alasdair Turnbull - Honorable Mention (short story)
  • Maleah Wells - Honorable Mention (poetry)
  • Paul Wittmann  - Silver Key (writing - humor) 

CJ Art Teacher Kaye Carlile shared, “The students’ artwork was part of a region-wide exhibit held at K12 TEJAS Gallery where Michael D. Rodiger, director and CEO of the Dayton Art Institute, was the guest speaker at the awards ceremony.”

“The ceremony was a great experience with awesome speakers,” Moore added.

When reflecting on her pieces, Boll shared, “They're unique because the emotions are raw.” 

Tillar said, “I am very thankful for being chosen as a winner since this was my first year joining it. I hope to enter more stylized pieces in the future.”

Blackshire agreed, “I am ecstatic over my award, as this is the first year I've received a Gold Award in Scholastic Art. While I didn't win anything at the national level, I'm still proud to receive exposure and to experience what it's like to be recognized as a Gold Key winner. I can't wait to see what more I can accomplish in my next three years at CJ!”

"I'd like to create more and continue this journey of art," Stowers noted. "I have never been through things like this before so it really joyed me to hear about the awards. This is my first of many to come."

More information about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards can be found here.

Pictures above include several key winners and art students recognized for their work - congratulations!

Posted May 3, 2017