Fair Trade Mission for Senior Capstone Group

On Valentine's Day, a Senior Capstone Group offered a fair trade to students - write a note thanking a Fair Trade cocoa farmer and receive a piece of chocolate produced by Fair Trade farmers.

The Senior Capstone Group of Erin Colbert, Danielle Ostendorf, Nate Reuter, and Maia Wagner had heard about Fair Trade prior to their senior year as CJ has been a Fair Trade school since 2014.

"I always knew what the concept of Fair Trade through previous Senior Capstone Projects on Fair Trade and through my dad who sells Fair Trade coffee at my Parish," said Reuter.  

Colbert noted, "For me, it was an opportunity to learn and grow as a person through exploring a new social justice issue. I knew some about Fair Trade, but not a lot. I was excited to take on this topic."

Fair Trade is defined as where there are fair prices paid to producers in developing countries. The Capstone Group noted worldwide, there are more than 1,200 Fair Trade certified producers.

The thank you notes signed by students on Valentine's Day will be sent to Fair Trade Campaigns in California to be delivered to Fair Trade farmers. The Capstone Group also hopes to continue spreading the word about Fair Trade.

"We are trying to organize a Fair Trade simulation and incorporate a new Fair Trade item in the spirit shop," Reuter shared.  

Colbert added, "We are getting Fair Trade shirts for FLIGHT and we are hoping to get a speaker."

Posted February 21, 2017