Financial Investing Students Present at UD

The unknown outcome of managing money on the stock market can vary day-to-day. For select students at the University of Dayton’s Davis Center for Portfolio Management, they have the added pressure of managing $30 million of the university’s endowment invested in equity markets. These same students also guide area high school students, including Chaminade Julienne Eagles, for an eight week high school portfolio competition. On Friday, December 7, two groups from CJ traveled to UD to present their portfolios to the college students and financial experts.

The group of Shane Cokes ‘19, Martez Cuff ‘19, Ghiman McKinney ‘19 and Rion Williams ‘19, named, “The Bag Getters” placed 5th out of 34 competing area high school teams from Centerville, CJ, Oakwood and Ponitz. The group of Nicholas Amstutz ‘19 (not pictured), Philip Chagoyan ‘20 and Robert Culpepper ‘21, named, “The Bull Market Bankers” placed 11th.

“I took the financial investing class because I wanted to try something new my senior year,” McKinney said. “I wanted to challenge myself and see if financing would be something I’d be interested in down the road. I’m glad I did.”

“I wanted to learn more about financial investing and how the stock market worked,” shared Chagoyan.

Because of where they placed in the overall competition, the two CJ groups qualified for a presentation round at the Davis Center. During their presentation, the top groups shared what they learned throughout the eight-week competition and what changes they would have made if any.

“This fall was a rough time to jump in and start investing,” shared CJ financial investing teacher Don MacLeod. “But sometimes, that is the catalyst to educate that there are consequences for when things don't go according to plan. 

“31 out of 34 groups ended in the red in this year’s competition,” MacLeod continued. “While this competition is set up as a game, some of the students did learn that making money in the market takes work.”

Posted December 13, 2018