FLIGHT Retreat Held for New and Former Members

Students may not be meeting in the classroom every day until later this month, but in July, members of the Faith Leaders in God’s Hands Today (FLIGHT) Class of 2018 gathered to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Members of FLIGHT are from the senior class. The students prepare monthly liturgies, lead retreats, plan service activities and provide prayer experiences for the CJ community.

"The purpose of our summer retreat is to provide the FLIGHT members time for community building, prayer and to prepare for the upcoming school year," shared Kelli Kinnear, Director of Ministry & Service. "Last year's FLIGHT group (under the guidance of the adults) lead the reflections, prayers and teachings for our new FLIGHT group. By the end of the retreat, the new group had already begun planning our opening school Mass and the freshman orientation session. They were also assigned their committees for the year.

Kinnear added, "Because Fr. Bob joined us on the retreat, we were also able to celebrate Mass together."

During the retreat, in addition to Mass and reflections, the two FLIGHT groups shared laughs through team building activities.

"I really enjoyed how eager everyone in the new FLIGHT group was to bond and come up with ideas together for the upcoming year," said Claire Kneblik '18. "One of the groups that I was in came up with several new and different ideas to improve the faith life in CJ and get kids motivated to express their faith.

Kneblik continued, "I loved how excited everyone was to be together, and it made us all really pumped to be faith leaders this upcoming school year!"

Posted August 8, 2017