High School Placement Test & Scholarship Opportunities

Eighth grade students who enjoy language arts, ministry & service, performing arts, and STEMM are encouraged to showcase their passion for those areas as part of the CJ Class of 2023 scholarship opportunities.

“CJ provides $200,000 in scholarships for incoming freshmen focused on four areas that are important in our school - and we believe, important in the development of young people - language arts, ministry & service, performing arts, and science technology engineering math and medicine (STEMM),” said Brandon Meyer, director of admissions. “Eighth grade students who are passionate about attending CJ and excel in any of these distinctive areas are encouraged to apply.

“We do not assess scholarship awards based on the High School Placement Test. Academic Excellence comes in many forms; we are looking for students who share a passion for learning and making a difference in the world around them,” Meyer continued. “The variation of scholarship areas is intended to identify a diverse group of talented students that reflect the life and energy of the CJ community.”

To apply, students must fill out a scholarship application form. Finalists will be selected for an interview or to perform in front of a panel. To also qualify for a scholarship, prospective students must complete a shadow day and submit a school application form before December 1.

High School Placement Test - Saturday, Nov. 17

Students must also take the High School Placement Test, which they can do at CJ on Saturday, November 17. There will be a breakfast for parents that morning as well. If students were not pre-registered, they can still take the test at CJ with parents paying the $30 fee, cash only.

Parents are also encouraged to attend a CJ parent reception, being held all over the Miami Valley. Additional details about the receptions can be found here.

Posted November 6, 2018