Hollis Retiring With 57 Years of Service to CJ

A job is no harder than you make it.

That has been Charlie Hollis' mantra for the last 57 years as he served the CJ community. At the end of the 2016-2017 school year, Hollis will retire.

Hollis graduated from Lamar County Training High School in Vernon, Alabama and then served in the Army as a paratrooper. When he was out of the Army, Hollis traveled to Chicago to work before coming to Dayton.

"My brother told me to come to Dayton to drive trucks for a manufacturing company," Hollis said. "When I got there he looked at me and said, 'I should hire you but I'm not.' I asked him why and he said it was because I wouldn't take orders from him. He didn't mean any harm, but he knew I wouldn't take it."

Hollis soon found himself working at both Chaminade and Julienne High Schools.

"I worked at the Brother's house and in the school at Julienne," Hollis noted.

Throughout his years in the CJ community, Hollis has served as the head of maintenance and kept the buildings in working order. He has also had the pleasure to work alongside his two sons at CJ, and see his daughter (Barbara '78) and six grandchildren (Aneceya '02, Arrionne '04, Karina '06, Asia '07, Kiera '07, and Lee Jr. '11) attend the school.

"It made me feel good to see my daughter and grandkids come here," Hollis reflected.

When asked what he will miss the most, Hollis said, "I'm going to miss getting up and coming up here every morning. I don't reckon I have been late any day.

"I really enjoy working here," Hollis continued. "It's something new every day. As a mechanic, I always liked to do something different. It's been a good ride."

Friends and former students shared their well wishes for Hollis on the CJ Facebook and CJ Alumni Facebook pages. Here are just some of their comments:

  • Kim Doolin Poast: Wow!!! Good luck Mr. Hollis!!!
  • Henry Richardson: Way to go Charlie! Enjoy retirement!
  • Bettye Abat Sierchs: Congratulations Charlie! I know you will be missed at CJ! Enjoy your retirement!
  • Greg Walker: Wow! That's dedication and longevity at the highest! Congrats on an outstanding career sir. I'm sure you'll be missed and no one will ever fill those shoes. I salute you Mr. Hollis. Time to brush off that fishing pole.
  • Jeff Wiedeman: Congratulations Charlie and Happy Retirement.
  • Mary Ann Wolfe: Congratulations and all the best to you.

Posted April 6, 2017