Junior Leaders Chosen For Competitive Program

Select students who are “motivated and committed to becoming a leader in the community” were chosen to be a member of the YMCA Junior Leadership Dayton program this year. Three of those selected were from CJ.

Madeline Hofstetter ‘20, Madison Meixner ‘20, and Juliana Yoss ‘20 completed an application process, which included two essays, on why they felt they would be essential members in this program.

“We will be doing many things that help strengthen our leadership abilities,” Meixner shared. “The very first day we are learning about what type of leadership styles we each possess. We’ll also learn the strengthens and weakness that is inherent to each style. There's another day where we will visit the juvenile detention center and learn about that process.”

“We will learn what makes a good leader, how to apply those skills in real situations around Dayton, time management, public speaking, forming connections in the community, the promotion of social justice and diversity through action, and how to work well with our peers,” Hofstetter said.

“Along with great leadership skills, we will also experience new points of views from different parts of Dayton,” Yoss noted.

Members of Junior Leadership Dayton will meet once a month from September through April. Meetings will be held all around the Miami Valley and each meeting will focus on a specific topic.

“I’m excited to meet new people from all over Dayton along with gaining new skills,” Yoss shared.

“I am most looking forward to the social justice aspect of this program, and committing ourselves to the betterment of Dayton through service and outreach to all of Dayton's different organizations,” Hofstetter reflected. 

Meixner added, “I am most looking forward to the service project that we are all required to do. For this project, we all have to get into a small group of a few other students and plan a project that will help a good amount of people. I know that it is going to be a lot of work, but I think the reward will be worth it.”

Posted September 5, 2018