Junior Selected to Give TEDxDayton Talk

The Chaminade Julienne community will be represented at the 5th annual TEDxDayton event.

Brennan Harlow '19 spoke at a TEDxYouth event in March of this year. He was the only student chosen to speak at the TEDxDayton event on Friday, October 20.

Harlow will be elaborating on the talk he gave at the TEDxYouth event about drug abuse. 

"I am telling my story about my family and my experience with heroin abuse in my family," Harlow said ahead of the TEDxYouth event. "One of the major points I make in my speech is that when you abuse drugs it’s not just you that you're affecting. You affect everyone around you, think of it as a ripple effect."

"We hope that Brennan's talk will bring light to a different side of drug abuse and awareness, a side that could hopefully prevent more tragedy," shared Rachel Graves with TEDxDayton.

Harlow added, "I really hope that by sharing my story that it can help teens that have gone through these situations that we are not alone. This whole process has been a healing process for me and my family and I hope that people can listen to this and really realized that when you do drugs you're not just affecting yourself, but everyone around you."

The list of all speakers and ticket information can be found here.

Posted October 5, 2017