K12 Gallery/TEJAS Expanded Partnership

The 2015-2016 school year will be a new, but familiar experience for students who take visual arts courses.

Principal John Marshall '86 recently announced that CJ will enhance its partnership with K12 Gallery/TEJAS this year with all visual art classes being taught by K12 Gallery staff at both CJ and the art center.

"Over the past two years, CJ and K12 Gallery/TEJAS have been in planning discussions on potential partnership programming to enhance the fine arts programming at CJ and in the Dayton area," said Marshall.

In 2012, CJ began using K12 Gallery/TEJAS as a field trip destination and a resource for the visual arts department. During the 2013-2014 school year, students began using the resources at K12's new 37,000 sq. foot studio located on Jefferson Street, which is a .3 mile walk from CJ’s campus. Students used the studio during block days and extended class periods.

"This proved to be a positive experience and the discussions extended to incorporate the other fine arts classes," said Marshall. 

He added that the expanded partnership could provide other opportunities for students outside of the traditional school day.

"We continue to explore potential areas of shared resources as we look into afternoon and evening programming," Marshall explained. "We are also actively looking at Saturday studio time at K12 for those students who wish to deepen their art experience."