Listen To CJ Students, Faculty Pray the Rosary on Radio Maria

"You are listening to Radio Maria, a Christian voice in your home. We are joining you live from Dayton, Ohio at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School."

On the fourth Monday of each month, you can hear Mary Pyper '76 say those words before students and faculty pray the Rosary during the Radio Maria program. The group broadcasts live from the St. Mary Conference room in Marianist Hall.

Pyper,  a parent of four CJ graduates, is the treasurer of Radio Maria and runs all of the organization's Dayton operations. She contacted religion teacher Tim O'Loughlin about this opportunity.

"All prayer is good, but this prayer group is special to me," said O'Loughlin.  "It’s special because we’re not only praying as individuals, but we’re also praying as a CJ family, and we’re praying with one million Radio Maria listeners worldwide.  How cool is that?"

Tommy Krug '16 participated in praying the Rosary on Radio Maria over the summer at the Bergamo Center and prayed the Rosary at CJ in August and September.

"You don't have to pray the rosary for millions of people or give public speeches, but you should live a life that reflects that you're a prayerful religious person," Krug said.

Mo Zopff '16 will be praying with the group for the first time on Monday, October 26.

"I'm mostly excited about sharing this new opportunity with other students," Zopff shared. "I think it is important that we are recognized as a Catholic high school that actually practices faith and encourages students to take part in their faith lives and be faith leaders."

O'Loughlin said this month the group will be praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Rosary, and a Divine Mercy Litany.

"Much of Radio Maria programming is done by adults. This is one of the few student run programs," O'Loughlin explained. "We have some amazing kids in this building.  The CJ Community should be proud about what goes on here.  I’m blessed to be a part of it..”

Those interested in being a part of the group should notify O'Loughlin no later than the Saturday before the radio program is scheduled to air. The CJ community is also invited to listen-in at 1600 AM (Dayton-area) or online here. The group prays from 4 - 5 p.m. Eastern.