A Lost Diploma Finds Its Way Back Home

Chaminade Julienne prides itself on going above and beyond for their alumni.

“Any day we get to help out an alumnus or group of alumni is a good day,” said Ann Szabo, Alumni Relations Coordinator. “Once you become a member of the CJ community, you’re a member for life.”

Tracie Atkinson emailed CJ about a conundrum her aunt, Alice, was in. Alice Mangeot Penney graduated from Julienne High School in 1948 and, at almost 91 years old, had no way of proving it.

Alice’s mother had thrown out her diploma long ago and, back then, once something was gone, it was gone. At least, she thought.

When Szabo got word of this situation, she took to the case.

“I started emailing some folks internally about how we could help Alice out,” said Szabo. “She worked hard for that diploma, and we were going to find a way to document that hard work for her!”

After some digging, it was determined that an original copy of Alice’s diploma did not exist, so Szabo had CJ’s communications staff put together as close to an exact replica as possible. After checking school files, it was determined that Alice had no holds on her account and was ready to receive her diploma. From there, Szabo arranged to have the diploma safely delivered to her.

“Alice was just over the moon excited when she got a copy of her diploma,” said Szabo. “It’s situations like this that make me love working for CJ. If you’re in our community, you’re family. And if family needs something, you find a way to make it happen.”


-- Published on August 24, 2020