Ludlow Street Journal Goes Digital

Students do not have to wait once a month anymore to get their copy of the school newspaper, the Ludlow Street Journal. On Tuesday, October 27, the student publication made its online debut.
“I am most excited about how students will be reading the articles and exploring the website that the Ludlow Street Journal staff put so much work into,” said Caitlin Erbacher ‘16.
“In the past, because of the limitations of print media, we were unable to present timely news,” shared teacher Mike Kelly. “By the time the paper would come out once a month, the news would be several weeks old. With us going online, we will be able to write stories and post them immediately after they happen.”
Kelly said the transition of the Ludlow Street Journal online also reflects the trend of many current newspaper organizations.
“I believe we are better preparing our students for the world of journalism by preparing an online paper, than we were before with the print paper,” Kelly reflected. “There are things we will miss about the old way, but there are some exciting possibilities open to us now. We are excited that we will be able to include video, expanded photo galleries, daily updated CJ sports scores, and current news stories.”
Matt Allaire ‘16 agreed that the multimedia features of the online newspaper are appealing.
“You can post and unlimited amount of items - videos, pictures, polls, and other things that are very interactive,” Allaire said. “Having the Ludlow Street Journal online allows people, who wouldn’t normally see the publication, to see it now.”
“We can include fun widgets like the weather forecast, polls, and sports scores,” Erbacher added. “We will also be having many fun events such as contests, so check in regularly so you can enjoy!”