March for Life 2015

On Wednesday, January 21, 54 CJ students joined a group of Carroll students on a bus headed towards Washington, D.C. A passion for the pro-life movement ready to be exercised in the 42nd National March for Life brought these young men and women together.

The group, with moderators Karen Emmerich and Maura Lemon, had an early start on Thursday when they loaded the bus at 6:45 a.m. to kick off a full day, including Mass and Rally at the DC Armory. The March began at 1:00 p.m. at the National Mall, after which they enjoyed a reception in the Capitol Building hosted by Representatives Jim Jordan and Rob Portman.

“The March was actually stopped at one point because of pro-choicers protesting,”
Cassie Phillips '15 said. “It was such an experience to stand our ground against those who are for abortion. It felt like we were on the front lines of a war, but we had God and what felt like the whole world behind us, with us. We are the pro-life generation!” she said.

On Friday, the students attended the Students for Life Conference, after which they took a tour of the War Monuments. The students safely returned home Saturday night after a mass at the National Basilica and a visit to the Smithsonian.

"Being on the march made me realize that every life is precious no matter how old, what it looks like, or the circumstances,” Emily Allen '15 said. “It made me realize that my generation will end abortion without a doubt. The reason I march is for my niece’s age, all of the lives that have been lost, and the future lives.”

“Eagles for Life” Supports the Pro-Life Movement Year Round

Late last year, CJ’s Pro-life group “Eagles for Life” ran a Bottle for Babies drive to raise money for The Elizabeth New Life Center in Dayton. Baby bottles were distributed to students on October 13th. During the week, students put spare change in the bottles, which were then collected on October 27th. The money will be used to buy formula, diapers and other necessities for pregnant women and mothers.

“I think that with the culture of death we are in and the big debate on abortion, it is very hard for some women to choose life,” Cassie Phillips said. “Elizabeth's New Life Center (a non-profit organization) helps pregnant women in need so that they can have the resources to support a child instead of letting them fall to abortion. We need more resource centers such as ENLC so that women have access to them.”

For more information about Eagles for Life, contact Karen Emmerich, club coordinator.

Capstone Projects Address Pro-Life Issues

The March for Life trip combined students from three different Senior Capstone projects, all of which are focused on pro-life activism.

The seniors plan to use this emotional and uplifting experience as inspiration for their individual plans.

One group of seniors has already begun raising awareness at home in Ohio. Seniors Emily Allen, Carrie Baldwin and Theresa Brinkman, have created an educational presentation for CJ Religion classes about abortion and its affects on the mother and child.

In the future, this group plans to host a movie night to further educate their community and provide CJ students with specific ways they can get involved.

Another group of students plans to create an educational documentary. Seniors Addi Helms, Rebecca Mayer, Cassie Phillips and Victoria Thornton are focusing their efforts on the distribution of funding given to Planned Parenthood.

They aim to use to their documentary to expose Planned Parenthood’s spending and the repercussions of their practices on women’s health.

The seniors involved believe that the opportunity to attend the March for Life has helped them spread their important message back home. They hope that next year the group traveling to Washington will be even larger.