Muse Machine Musician Alters Sounds

The possibility for sound is everywhere.

On Tuesday, September 22, musician Michael Kelsey helped students realize that during an in-school performance.

"Music is accessible to everyone," Kelsey said. "I bring electronic toys with me, but if I didn't have anything, I would be using kitchen utensils or something similar."

During his performance, Kelsey used on-the-spot recording equipment and showed students how he was able to create a band-like sound, with only his guitar and imagination.

"I think in terms of sounds, while others think in visuals or other forms," shared Kelsey. "Music is shaping these things for composition. Somehow that make sense to me, this is my element."

Kelsey was the "kick-off performer" of this year's Muse Machine in-school performance series.

"Muse Machine is an arts organization for young people," explained Carolyn Wheeler, Teacher Professional Development & School Outreach for Muse Machine. "It not only feeds and nourishes the students who are interested in the arts, but it helps kids think differently, be more creative."

Kelsey did not lack creativity in his performance. One of the songs he created was made using a student's index cards, spiral notepad, and a single piece of paper.

"Every time I perform there is a different show, and that's what gets me excited," Kelsey said.

He shared that he hoped after his performance, students would look at the sights and sounds around them in a new light.

"It's like if I sit at a table and you introduce me to new ingredients," Kelsey explained. "From that day forward. I might look at meals differently."

You can see more of Michael Kelsey's performances here. Other Muse Machine performances coming to CJ this year will be Shakespeare Sings! and The Story of Sound.