Philanthropy Club Awards 2014 Grant

Students at CJ teamed up with a local non-profit organization this year to help give grade school children a soft place to lay their heads.

Sixteen members of the school’s Philanthropy Club will grant $1,500 to Trisha Baxter, founder of Snuggled Up, Inc. The local non-profit company provides bedding to children who do not have a comfortable place to sleep.

“I feel honored that the students and staff at Chaminade Julienne chose Snuggled Up to receive the grant,” Baxter said. The Dayton mom and grade school teacher started her organization after one of her second graders revealed that she could not stay awake in class because she did not have a bed at home.

“CJ's donation means that there will be less children sleeping on the floor and more children who have a safe place to dream.”

Funding for the grant is provided by Magnified Giving. The Cincinnati-based program partners with approximately 50 high schools in Ohio and Northern Kentucky to expose young people to philanthropic endeavors.

“Magnified Giving is a non-profit organization that gives teens funds to grant to charities they research,” said Nicole Will, guidance counselor and club moderator. “The goal is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy.”

CJ is currently the only Magnified Giving affiliate in Montgomery County. Last spring, the Philanthropy Club awarded grants totaling $1,500 to Daybreak and the Dakota Center, Inc.

“I got involved last year to try something new and by the end I became really interested in philanthropy, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to be in the group again,” senior Celeste Bombick said.

Club members met regularly during homeroom to learn about philanthropy while discussing the social concerns and needs within their own communities. Students then split into small groups of two to three to identify possible grant applicants. The process included researching each organization, volunteering at each site, and presenting their findings to the whole group.

After five months of legwork, the group narrowed down grant applicants to three organizations and made their final presentations. Snuggled Up, Inc. was voted the winner by members of the club and a small group of faculty and staff members.

“I love Snuggled Up and thought it was an awesome organization that could help a lot of kids,” Bombick said. “It’s really sad to know that so many children don’t have a bed to go home to; I think that is something we all take for granted.”

Philanthropy Club members will present Mrs. Baxter with a check for $1,500 at the sixth annual Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Awards Ceremony on May 14.

“The money will be used to buy cots, cuddly blankets, sheets. and laundry sacks to hold the items,” Baxter said. Approximately 15 children will take home their own “Snuggle Kit” thanks to the grant.