Rally, Mass and Fellowship Part of #MarianistsInAction Week

#MarianistsinAction is more than a fun way to connect with others on social media. The hashtag represents the call to take time building community, and engaging in service, during the week of October 4 - 11. The final day of the week also marks the Marianist World Day of Prayer.

The CJ Marianist Life Community (MLC) is holding a rally and Mass on Saturday, October 10 in conjunction with the action.

"Saturday's rally is not only for Catholics," explained Mo Zopff '16.  "I think this rally will impact everyone at least in a small way."

Throughout the week, students have contributed spare change which will be used to buy granola bar kits for the Dayton organization, Be Free Dayton. During the rally on Saturday, students will participate in a mini-service project, putting stickers on these granola bars with important help information for sex trafficking victims.

"We're doing this project because this year's national social justice module is human trafficking," shared MLC moderator Jama Badinghaus.

The rally will also feature student presenters and music from Nick Cardilino, the associate director of campus ministry at the University of Dayton.

"We hope that Marianist LIFE events in general can be one way to invite students, who engage in a variety of ways at CJ, to have something that connects them universally," Badinghaus said.

Following the rally, students are invited to join Marianists from around the Dayton community for a Mass in the auditorium at 5 p.m presided by Father Joe Tedesco, SM. After the service, a potluck will be held in the cafeteria. Drinks will be provided and attendees are asked to bring a dish (more details here.)

"The fact that I get to attend a Mass with not only CJ students and staff, but other Marianists makes me excited," Zopff shared. "I think the dinner will be a neat experience because CJ students and staff have the opportunity to meet up with other Marianist students and adults, to share faith experience or even get to know them better."

Zopff and Badinghaus said students are welcome to attend all three parts of Saturday's event, or just some.

"This gathering is something that was planned to coincide with the idea that we are part of a bigger Marianist family," Badinghaus explained. "It's a reminder that when we come together and pray, we do that in part with Marianists around the world."

Zopff echoed that sentiment, "I encourage everyone to attend the events on Saturday and the MLC gatherings throughout the school year. Marianist LIFE has had a huge impact on my life and I'm proud to be a part of it."