Renowned Artist Returns to CJ

nternationally renowned artist Curtis Mann visited with English and photography students at Chaminade Julienne High School on Tuesday, September 20.  The 1998 CJ graduate will return to his alma mater Friday morning to work with students in Mrs. Janet Lasley’s art classes.

Mann is famous for his technique using bleach to manipulate photographs. His artwork has been featured in New York City galleries at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; at the Luce Gallery in Torina, Italy; and most recently on the cover of the July 24 issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

“Being from CJ, I understand that the school teaches students to be responsible people who care about the world, and I hope I can show kids there are different ways of doing that,” he said. Mann, a Dayton native living and working in Chicago, currently has artwork on display at an exhibition in Berlin, Germany through November 6.

“I love talking to students about art. The artwork itself creates a dialogue, and this is just another way to continue that dialogue,” Mann said.

For more about Curtis and his artwork, visit his Web site

On Tuesday, September 20, students taking ceramics with Mrs. Janet Lasley welcomed two Mexican potters into the classroom for clay demonstrations during periods 2, 3 and 4.

Classes were treated to a history lesson about the classic, cultural techniques used in Mexican pottery said Lasley. The styles shown were similar to that of the work of famous 20th century potter Maria Martinez.