Senior Selected to A Cappella Academy

Angelo Moore-Knight '18 took his talents to California this summer after being selected for the A Cappella Academy.

"It was such an honor to be a part of something so huge," Moore-Knight reflected. 

The camp was held at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles from June 29-July 9. 

"When you first step on campus, you immediately feel the love," Moore-Knight said. "The environment at ACA is all loving.

"A Cappella Academy was also a great educational experience," Moore-Knight continued. "While in a concert by Resound, I learned several things including when the alto of the group said, 'When singing with a group, you all should be a smoothie not a mixed salad. You shouldn't sing as a group of vocalist. You should sing as a blending group of musicians.'"

As part of the experience, Moore-Knight had opportunities to learn different aspects of a cappella signing through courses and was put into a group to work with as well.

"My group, Almost Midnight, was literally a joy to work with," Moore-Knight gushed. "Everyone in the group was beyond talented. In the a cappella world, the bass and vocal percussion should be solid, connected and gelled together as a rhythm section. As you know, I am a bass. My rhythm section partner was a Boston high school graduate named Ian who had been a part of ACA since it started. I felt very nervous to work alongside him but he made me feel loved and welcomed. Since we created a connection, as soon as we started singing, we gelled immediately! It was fantastic!"

Moore-Knight added, "If there is anyone who is very passionate about music and a cappella, audition for ACA. It's not Disney World. But, A Cappella Academy is definitely the happiest place on earth."

Posted July 28, 2017