Seniors Create, Organize Pretty Period Event

On Sunday, February 26, dozens of young African American women and supporters gathered at Chaminade Julienne for the Pretty Period event sponsored by the Senior Capstone Group of LaStacia Patterson, Alexis Robinson, Amari Smith and Se'Aunna Watson Cunningham.

"We came up with the idea due to our own experiences in our lives and decided to create something for girls like us in order to help the community," Smith said.

The group noted they used inspiration for their event from the Pretty Period website. The creator of the website revealed that her concept for movement came from the backhanded compliment, “You are pretty for a dark skinned girl.”

The event at CJ kicked off with presentations from four African American leaders in the Dayton community - Letitia Perry Gina McDonald, Pastor Paul Gales, and Anthony Peebles.

"They spoke on how to be fulfilled and fit physically, mentally, and emotionally, self worth, standards, and respecting yourself in and out of relationships," Smith recalled. "Then the girls had a question and answer discussion with the speakers."

Following the discussion, the group went into the school cafeteria for a dinner. During the dinner, DCDC and dancer Brittany Coleman performed and Smith recited a poem. Representatives from the Women of the NAACP, Miami Valley Urban League, and Mama Aswan Shea Butters were also on hand for the event.

"We believe the girls enjoyed themselves and were inspired," Smith reflected. "Many of the girls told us how much they loved it. We feel like we did a good job getting our point across and completing our mission."

Watson-Cunningham added, "We really want to continue bringing young black girls together. The unity of black women is needed in our world today. The girls learned a lot, along with us. We definitely were positively impacted by the event."

Posted March 9, 2017