Seniors Mentor Kids Through Sports

Four members of the Class of 2017, who have a passion for sports, are influencing younger students through their Senior Capstone Project. Michael Fugate, Mike Poteet, Evan Rhea and P’Hariz Watkins are mentoring younger boys while engaging them through athletic activities such as basketball.

“We came up with this idea from us all having the experiences we have had with sports, how those experiences were life changing for us and taught us so many lessons we needed for life,” Watkins shared.

“We hope kids get valuable life lessons they can use in everyday life,” said Poteet.

“When we meet with the kids, we watch inspirational videos and have talks with them,” Rhea noted. “We ask them how they are doing in school and how they are treating others. We do most of our mentoring through the sports by playing with them and demonstrating good sportsmanship and throwing out lessons throughout the activities. We also help them with homework if it is needed.”

The Capstone group has held two sessions so far with the intent of holding additional sessions. The group has reached out to local Catholic elementary schools to get connected with elementary-aged boys.

“We want to see that these kids have been impacted and changed through our mentoring,” Rhea reflected. “We want to see that they are taking more responsibility and doing better in school as well.”

“I hope they get out that adversity, pain, and struggle are only temporary,” Watkins emphasized. “When you keep your mind focused and determined, things will get better.”

Poteet agreed, “Every kid deserves a chance.”

Posted February 14, 2017