Seniors Share the Importance of Voting

“It’s one of the largest responsibilities we have as citizens.”

That was the motivation behind the Senior Capstone project by Havana Glover, Marquel Henry, Marquis Henry, and Peter Wade. The group encouraged their classmates who were old enough to register to vote for the upcoming election cycle.

The group contacted local political leaders and invited Dayton City Commissioner Jeffrey Mims to talk about the voting registration process and the importance of voting. During a recent homeroom meeting, Commissioner Mims spoke to juniors and seniors and the Capstone group helped their classmates who were able and interested in registering to vote.

“If people want their issues addressed, they have to vote,” Glover reflected. “If they do not vote, they cannot complain because they didn't do their part.”

Glover added, “I hope that students understand the importance of voting and how to vote responsibly.”

Posted February 27, 2020