Seniors Show Inner Beauty Through Capstone Project

Beauty is more than skin deep. That's why on Tuesday, March 22, several female students, faculty and staff took a pledge not to wear make-up that day. The idea came from a Senior Capstone Group consisting of Taylor Burrows, Rosie McDonald, Niesha Montgomery, Allison Potter and Madelyn Skinner.

"We all have experienced self-image problems, which normally results in the use of make-up," Skinner said. "With this day, we wanted to make girls feel more comfortable without makeup!"

"We have noticed that there is a major pressure, mostly from the media, for young girls to wear tons of makeup to fit the mold of the 'beautiful woman,'" Burrows added. "It is sad to see that so many young, already beautiful, girls feel the need to change the way they look.  The event was not created to completely bash on make-up because we do not hate make-up; rather, it was created to appreciate the inner, raw beauty that ALL women have no matter what."

The group's mentor, Jama Badinghaus noted that several Senior Capstone groups this year have focused their projects on creating a better self-image.

"It is striking to me that so many groups have decided to focus on the topic of positive self-image among girls," Badinghaus said.  "What I have learned from these students is that they have truly been impacted by the sometimes less than subtle voices that they have seen and heard in the media, in magazines, and even from their peers as they have grown up.  They have a real desire to combat that noise with a different voice - one that reminds them that real beauty is much deeper than any picture or image can tell.

"When addressing how this image relates to issues of faith and justice, the girls have focused on the importance of the dignity of every person and the reminder that we are all truly made in God's image," Badinghaus continued.  "The high school years are incredibly challenging and formative years.  The messages engrained in young people during these years will likely inform much of who they become and the truths they hold.  If young women can graduate from Chaminade Julienne with a greater spirit of confidence, an increased spirit of authenticity, and increased respect for the individuality of their peers then they will leave equipped to truly change this world for the better.  Foregoing make-up for a day is a small way to empower these young women as they seek to embody those characteristics."

Nearly 100 students, faculty and staff participated in the Capstone group's endeavor. The seniors added they want to continue their promotion of inner-beauty by having more days like this.

"I was very pleased with the number of girls that participated and even some men wore stickers to promote the day," Burrows reflected. "I definitely wish we could have gotten more girls to participate but with this being the first day, I am happy we had a good turnout.  With the upcoming 'no-makeup' or 'natural hair' days that we are working on, we hope to set up more tables during different times of the day to get more participants."

Skinner agreed, "I hope everyone sees that they do not need makeup to be beautiful!" 

Posted March 24, 2016