Seniors Target Mental Health and Depression for Capstone Project

Throughout the week of January 17, the Senior Capstone Group of Kayla Chumack, Brianna Gavin, Caroline Nevius, Hannah Schwager and Lydia Stamper held a Mental Health/Depression Awareness Week at CJ.

“There are so many teens who feel they are all alone with their mental illness and I wanted to show them that they are not alone,” shared Gavin.

Chumack agreed, “I don't want anyone to feel alone and I want them to know even the small things count, even the small wins are something we should appreciate.”

Each day throughout the week had its own theme:

  • Tuesday: Day of Gratitude and Stress Awareness. The group distributed bookmarks and candy prior to school because stressed spelled backwards is desserts. During lunch periods, a poster was hung in the cafeteria where students wrote about things they were grateful for in their life.
  • Wednesday: Compliment Day. Students shared compliments with each other throughout the day and compliment notes were also displayed in the women's restrooms.
  • Thursday: Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. The group will distribute smiley face stickers in front of the Welcome Center at the beginning of the school day.
  • Friday: Acceptance Day. In correlation with the CJ Spirit Day, the group is encouraging the CJ community to wear a green spirit shirt, as green is the color of depression awareness.

“Raising awareness for depression and mental illness raises the likelihood that others will be compassionate and sympathetic with people who face those struggles,” Schwager said.

The group’s mentor, Alan Rozanski added, “I am impressed by the girls' initiative and dedication to raise awareness on an issue that many people are uncomfortable talking about."

Posted January 18, 2017