Sophomores Learn About Becoming Leaders

An annual tradition for CJ sophomores gave the students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their classmates. For half of a school day, the students participated in a leadership seminar led by Ted Wiese, a national speaker teaching people of every age about leadership and how to be a leader in their life.

Some students shared that while they were uncertain what the day would hold, once they sat down in groups they began having fun with activities such as Ted Says and a name game. Throughout the activities, Wiese focused on core values of leadership, and empowered students with the mantra, “I feel great.”

“I thought we would be writing stuff down and sitting all day, but it was a great experience,” Jeremiah Tanksley ‘21 said.

Kerry Kadel ‘21 agreed, “I loved it! I loved learning about leadership with activities that could actually get to know my classmates better and help me learn more about leadership.”

“Helping students to recognize that they each have unique gifts to contribute to the community is part of our efforts to provide a quality, integral education,” shared student support coordinator Jama Badinghaus. “Learning to lead is not simply about being captain of a team or president of a club. It is also helping students to build qualities that bring people together, seek to enhance the common good, and promote values that build assets no matter the paths they may individually choose in life.”

Written in collaboration with Kerry Kadel ‘21

Posted November 20, 2018