Sophomores Participate in Leadership Day

Preparing students to be future leaders. That was the main mission of Ted Wiese when he spoke to the Class of 2019 last month.

“They are the future leaders of the school,” Wiese said. “I want to teach them to be a leader so they can step up and be a leader the rest of their sophomore, and junior and senior years.”

Students spent half of their school day in Wiese’s program and the other half of their school day touring either Wright State University or the University of Dayton’s campus.

During Wiese’s program, he engaged students early on with friendly competitive games.

“I really liked the group game because we were all just having fun,” Natali Rojas-Alvarez '19 reflected.

Brendan Kadel '19 added, “My favorite activity was probably family feud. It was my favorite because it was very fun and really encouraged my team to work together.”

While having fun and interacting together in activities, students said they learned more about themselves individually too.

“I learned that you can work with anyone in any situation if you put your mind to it,” said Kadel. “If there is anything I learned about myself it is how easy it is to work and get along with people.”

Rojas-Alvarez agreed, “I learned that we all have habits and that we all have a skill to share.”

This was the second year all sophomores have attended Wiese’s program and toured college campuses.

Posted April 5, 2017