Special Improvement District Holds Annual Meeting at CJ

On November 15, Dayton city leaders and members of the Downtown Dayton Partnership’s Special Improvement District came to Chaminade Julienne for the group’s annual meeting.

“The annual SID meeting has been held at various banquet facilities around downtown,” Dan Meixner ‘84, CJ president and former SID board chair, said. “Sandy Gudorf, president of the Downtown Dayton Partnership, attended last year’s grand opening of the renovated Building One at CJ and commented about how beautiful the cafeteria turned out. I offered to host the annual meeting, if the staff of DDP thought it would work. In September, they came over and decided that it would be good for downtown property owners to see the progress underway at the only private school in Dayton.” 

100 RSVPs were made for the annual meeting. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, performing arts students showcased their talent. The strings ensemble greeted guests as they arrived, the concert choir performed and guests saw part of a scene from the school’s fall play, The Odd Couple. 

“We want the community to better understand that Chaminade Julienne is a community asset - our students are making a difference for people in the region through service, our events bring economic activity to downtown, and our employees and benefactors are investing in improving downtown,” Meixner shared. “Holding events like the SID annual meeting at CJ reminds people of our long history as a community leader.”

Meixner added, “Personally, it was a nice way to conclude four years as chair of the board of the Special Improvement District. I have been blessed by the relationships formed while leading the board and believe CJ has benefited from the volunteer time spent. Being able to ‘show-off’ our facilities and students proved to be a proud moment for me.”

Posted November 19, 2016