Stamper Signs with Ursuline College

A second member of the women's lacrosse team will continue to play the sport in college. Lydia Stamper '17 committed to Ursuline College on Wednesday, April 12.

"Ursuline is a pretty small college," Stamper noted. "When visiting Ursuline for the first time, I got the impression that they were a close knit community just like CJ. The people at Ursuline were very welcoming and reminded me of how welcomed I felt at CJ."

Women's lacrosse head coach Danielle Cash shared her confidence for Stamper's success in college.

"During the years that I have known Lydia, she has impressed me with her can do it all attitude despite conflicts and time constraints," Cash said.

Stamper began playing lacrosse for the Eagles during her sophomore year. She also participated in volleyball, swimming, student council and more during her time at CJ.

"I will miss my fellow seniors and all the other friendships I have made with my other teammates," Stamper reflected. "I will also miss my coaches for all their advice over the years and for being the foundation of my lacrosse career."

"I have been proud to be Lydia’s lacrosse coach," Cash shared. "She has an energy and enthusiasm that is like no one else on the team."

Stamper plans to study nursing at Ursuline.

"I am looking forward to continuing my lacrosse career especially at such an amazing school as Ursuline," Stamper said. "Go Arrows!"

Posted April 18, 2017