STEMM Class Assignment Soars

Students in the Introduction to Engineering Design STEMM class were recently given a real-world scenario when they were asked to design, create, and operate a machine in just two class periods.

"The students built a machine with the goal to launch a cotton ball about three feet," explained teacher Eric Grimm.

In addition to that goal, students, working in teams of two, were given a limited amount of materials to create the machine.

Nick Butler '17 and Lindsey Fuchs '19 said after creating one design for their machine, their final product looked much different.

"We had something in plan, but we didn't think we could build it in the time we had," said Fuchs.

Butler added, "Our final machine was better than what we were planning to do anyway."

"We were teaching how to work on a project within constraints," emphasized Grimm. "Students also learned how to be an effective member of a team, and how to work in a limited amount of time."