STEMM Idol: Cara Nartker '09

As part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series, Cara Nartker ‘09 returned to CJ on February 14 to talk about her career path after earning her engineering degree.

“I knew probably freshman year that I wanted to do engineering,” Nartker noted. “I enjoy the endless possibilities of learning because it’s always changing,”

After CJ, Nartker attended the University of Dayton. She graduated in December 2013 with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

When thinking about aerospace engineering, Nartker said, “I was always fascinated with the fact that something so big could fly but I can’t? I also went to the Dayton Air Show every year. One year I was waved to by a pilot because he was flying so low. I still, to this day, can’t believe it happened.”

Nartker is now with CDI-Aerospace (a GE Aviation Support Equipment Contractor) as a Design Engineer and LEAP Assistant Program Manager. LEAP is the name of a new production engine GE Aviation has released.

“I hope the students find that engineering can be fun,” Nartker reflected. “If you have a tinkering thought process, engineering might be a good path for you.”

Posted February 21, 2017