STEMM Idol: Dr. Michael Robertson

Taking advantage of opportunities was one of the main messages Dr. Michael Robertson focused on when he spoke with students as part of the STEMM Idol Speaker Series earlier this month.

"A lot opportunities came my way and I was told to check things out, do some public speaking, see how you feel," Robertson said. "Even times where it didn't feel like an opportunity, things became opportunities."

Robertson is in the Wright State Family Medicine Residency Program. He graduated from the university with his Doctorate of Medicine in 2016 and Masters in Business Administration in 2014.

"I did some tutoring and enjoyed working with junior and high school students, so I wanted to get my MBA as well," Robertson noted.

Along with his residency, Robertson is a member of the Dayton Ladder mentorship program that connects younger students with residents. The group meets once a month and has focused on topics such as bones, sick organs, eyes and more.

During his presentation, Robertson emphasized to the CJ students, "Whatever talents you have, you can find a career that fits with what you want to do. Every career has its positives and minuses, so make sure to ask or find out what those minuses are and figure out if you can live with those before you figure out what you want to do."

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Posted May 18, 2017