STEMM Idol Speaker: Brian Bensman '92

Made in the U.S.A., Made in China or Made in Taiwan. Wherever a product is created, it is most likely involved in a supply chain. That's part of what Brian Bensman '92 oversees, as he explained to students during the first STEMM Idol Speaker Series program of the school year on Tuesday, October 10. Bensman is the Senior Director of Transportation, Fleet, and Regulatory Compliance for the Cintas Corporation. He explained that he makes sure as products move along a supply chain, that all procedures are within proper code.

Bensman also told students that he did not know which career path he would be going in after leaving CJ.

"What CJ really gave me was the experience to be a leader and understand all people from all world views," Bensman said. "It also gave me the leadership and interpersonal skills that laid down the foundation for any career I would have chosen."

After CJ, Bensman attended Miami University where he got a degree in political science. After being with a small manufacturing company for a few years, he was hired on at Cintas where he has been for 18 years.

When considering CJ's role in providing STEMM classes and awareness to students, Bensman said, "It's great to see the interest level and really educate students in all those options that are out there, those avenues and personal and industry and nature of the careers."

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