STEMM Idol Speakers: Ryan Bowe & Eddie Ruff '12

Students interested in learning more about STEMM fields recently heard from two speakers as part of the CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series.

Ryan Bowe came to CJ on Tuesday, November 20. She is the quality control team lead within photogrammetry and remote sensing at Woolpert. She considers herself a metadata specialist, focusing on data about data, and manages a team of five people and countless projects.

“My team makes sure all the deliverables go out and are correct,” Bowe said. “We are meticulous and detail oriented people who make sure we did everything we’re supposed to do.

Ryan began her career as a GIS (geographic information science) intern at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources before becoming a GIS specialist with Photo Science, a quantum spatial company.

“While GIS is a pretty common idea, I wanted to show students how they can take that beyond Google Earth or Google Maps and see what else is out there,” Bowe shared.

Eddie Ruff ‘12, a PhD candidate at the University of Dayton, came back to CJ on Tuesday, November 27 to talk with students about lidar (laser radar).

“I wanted to share a general overview of lidar and how that is built into self-driving cars,” Ruff explained.

Ruff received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UD in 2016. He has a Masters of Science in Electro-Optics & Photonics from the University of Dayton and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the same field.

Are you interested in becoming a CJ STEMM Idol Speaker Series presenter? Contact Meg Draeger, CJ STEMM coordinator, at (937) 461-3740 x487, or at

Posted November 28, 2018