STEMM Idol: Stephanie Birkenhauer

The engineering field is constantly growing, and the faculty and staff at the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering & Applied Science (CEAS) has recognized that for decades. On Tuesday, October 20, Stephanie Birkenhauer, a CEAS coordinator, visited CJ to talk to students about how the university is staying at the forefront of this study.

"Just as an example, environmental engineering is one of the fastest growing areas," said Birkenhauer. "The students in this field help build sustainability systems to continue booming industries."

The UC College of Engineering was founded in 1900 and the Ohio Mechanics Institute, the parent name of the College of Applied Science, was founded in 1828. The UC Board of Trustees approved the combination of both colleges, to create the College of Engineering & Applied Science in September 2009. According to the school's website, "This restructuring strengthens the focus on engineering and engineering technology and the enhancement of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related programs."

Birkenhauer shared with the students, "The field of engineering is constantly being changed and growing bigger. There are endless opportunities."

In 1906, the University of Cincinnati began offering co-op programs, making it one of the first in the nation to do so. More than 100 years later, UC still offers competitive co-ops. The university was recognized by US News and World Report for its co-op programs in Ohio and around the world.

"The majority of our students have a job lined up before they graduate," Birkenhauer said. "Through the co-op they are not only getting paid to work at companies, but they are building relationships that help get them a job."

You can learn more about the UC College of Engineering & Applied Science here.