Student Investors Place Second in UD Competition

Four students in the Financial Investing class qualified for the University of Dayton's Davis Center portfolio high school competition, and looked to repeat as champions at the final presentation on December 8.  

For the fall semester, students from area high schools were asked to learn how the stock market worked, outperform one other using their stock selection, and make a profit. The CJ group of Jacob Johns '17, Darian Jones '17, Logan Koch '17 and Mike Poteet '17 was ranked first overall in the Dayton-area before the final presentation.

"This was completely new to all of us," Jones shared. "When the semester started, we were trying a bunch of different methods, some of which worked and some that didn't. However, it eventually all worked out."

Poteet added, "It kept us engaged in the class the whole semester."

"This is a big part of the class," teacher Don MacLeod noted. "The market usually opened during the class period."

MacLeod shared that three weeks before the conclusion of the competition, all groups were in the negative.

"In the end, three out of four CJ groups made money," MacLeod said. "The top group made a $3,700 profit; that's a 20% annual return and a good chunk of change."

"We changed up our strategy a bit and focused on smaller companies and in the end, that's what made us money," Johns reflected.

Koch added, "A lot of stocks fluctuated after the presidential election. We started to look at the trends of stocks and we invested in stocks that we thought would do well as a result of the election."

Out of CJ's four groups, three groups ended the competition with a profit. Those three groups also placed in the top 10 overall in the Dayton-area. The top group was the only group from CJ to advance to the final presentation.

At the final presentation, the CJ group placed second, and was out of first place only by two points.

"It was a good competition overall," MacLeod said."There were a lot more prepared teams this year compared to last year. It was a tough competition and I'm proud of our group."

Poteet added, "It was cool to represent CJ." 

"I feel like coming into this we were really good friends and we're leaving as better friends," Jones reflected. "I'm very proud of our team."

Koch agreed, "We're disappointed, but we came a long way. I'm proud of our team and our teacher."

"It's disappointing not to come home with the trophy, but I'm proud," Johns added.

Posted December 8, 2016