Student Shares Special Connection With Dance

Students recently experienced important moments in history through the contemporary dance, We Rise, performed by members of DCDC2, the second ensemble of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. The performance was part of the Muse Machine, an arts education program that brings performances to schools, outreach series.

“It’s a great opportunity for professionals in our community to come and perform for our students in school,” said drama and choir teacher Caitlin Bennett. “It also gives our students a chance to see performances that they may not see otherwise.”

For Mikayla Jette ‘21, seeing the DCDC2 performance also gave her the opportunity to reconnect with a friend.

Jette shared that she has been dancing most of her life.

“I couldn't imagine my life without it,” Jette said. “I got into dance lessons because my mom thought I would enjoy them. I was absolutely terrified when the first recital came around, but after the recital finished I remember being so excited and asking to do it again the next year. I didn't know it then but I had joined a family that would become my home for many years to come.”

A former dance-mate of Jette’s was one of the DCDC2 members who performed at CJ.

“We danced together for a very long time before she graduated high school,” Jette explained. “I loved dancing with her and cherished every moment I got to spend dancing with her. Her absence at the dance studio is very weird and it is just different without her there. So whenever I get the chance to see her I am overwhelmed with happiness. She is such a beautiful dancer and I loved watching her perform.

“Seeing her at CJ made my entire week. It is the coolest thing when someone you spent so much time with is pursuing a dream using her talents. I am so proud that she is doing so well, and it makes me smile to know that someone I look up to as a dancer is living out that lifestyle. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to see her perform at CJ.” 

Jette continued, “Dance has made me the person that I am. It has helped me with my performing skills and in building a confidence and trust with my own body. I think it is important for people to be exposed to dance. It is such a beautiful form of performing and expression. When you dance it is all just you: your movements, your body, your vision. It takes you to another place and you just get lost in the music.

“Dance teaches so much about yourself, your body, others and even to work with other people. You learn self-discipline, self-control, balance, teamwork, creativity, and expression. Dance is physical but it also is very musical and mental. It teaches you so much and allows you to express yourself in anyway your body wants to. There is something so freeing about dancing and just letting go of everything and moving to the music. Being able to share that with the dancers during the performance was really cool. I think that it is very inspiring and exciting that it is being shared with students all over especially here in our own community.”

Posted December 18, 2018