Students Accepted Into Elite Summer Program

Only 32 students across the nation were accepted into the Foundation for Teaching Economics' Economics for Leaders program over the summer, and an Eagle was one of them.

Jake Jagels '18 attended an Economics and Leadership Camp at Oberlin University over the summer.  

"The economics lessons were taught by the chair of the economics department at Clemson University, Scott Baier," Jagels shared. "The lectures were interesting and engaging, taught by a fantastic professor, and the economic lessons were driven home with activities like a mock stock market, water rights dispute, and foreign currency trading. 

"The leadership activities helped me to become a better leader and focused on how important it is to work as a team, not just in economics, but also in life," Jagels continued. "The leadership activities were taught by a fantastic CJ grad, Leslie Bourne '79."

The camp also allowed the students to have recreation time, which included a trip to Cedar Point.

Jagels, reflecting on his overall experience, said, "I am very glad that CJ provided me with the opportunity to further my education outside the classroom."

Additionally, two students attended Economics For Leaders camps across the nation. David Teague '18 attended one camp and Samantha Evans '18 attended a camp at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"The economics lessons taught me a lot, but the two things that stood out to me are that I have to take risks, but only if I really think it's worth it," Evans shared. "I will use what I learned and experienced during leadership at CJ. Time in leadership taught me a lot through many different activities and conversations, but a few of the things I'll bring to CJ include: Can I? standing for Constant And Neverending Improvement, which motivates and challenges me to do something if it'll help me to improve myself or something else, making sure that everyone's standard of excellence is met, meaning that I will make sure that if something meets my standards and goals it also meets those of others involved, understanding and respecting others' leadership styles so that they too can lead in an effective way, and taking the time to listen to others' ideas and points of view.

"Leadership gifted me with skills that I can use when I'm leading in FLIGHT and MLC at CJ and other parts of my life, but also provided me with skills that I can use when I'm following others, so I can help them be the best leader possible," Evans continued. "This weeklong was nothing short of life-changing and I'm so grateful that I had this opportunity."

Posted August 15, 2017