Students' Artwork Showcased at the Packard Museum

On Thursday, March 3, students in the Art I class will be recognized at an art exhibition and awards ceremony presented by America's Packard Museum. Drive: An Art Exhibition will be held at the museum from 6-8 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

"I am always seeking new and innovative ways to incorporate art into the world outside of the classroom," art teacher Marysa Marderosian said. "Every morning on my way to school, I would pass the Packard Museum and think that it would be such a great experience for my students to be able to take their drawing boards over and draw the cars from observation." 

Marderosian is one of the newest teachers to CJ in conjunction with an expanded partnership with K12 Gallery. The idea for the art exhibition came after Marderosian held her Art I winter final exam at the Packard Museum.

"I wanted to provide my students with an unique and memorable experience, and also one that I myself had never been given as an art student," Marderosian explained."Looking across the street, I saw a golden opportunity for the students.  Drawing from observation is one of the main focuses of Art I, but drawing from small still life objects can prove monotonous at times.  I knew this would be a serious challenge for them, but one for which they would be prepared."

"My exam at the Packard Museum was definitely a fun experience," shared Haley Kraft '19. "Not many people can say that they got to draw antique cars for their exam. It was fun to be able to draw such unique cars and be in your own little zone, then have it count as an exam. "

"I enjoyed learning about what cars looked like in the past," Diamond Bronaugh '16 noted.

Chloe Brzozowski '19 added, "I thought that our exam 'prompt' was very interesting. It got us out of the classroom and challenged us a bit. I am excited for everyone's art to be on display for the public and represent CJ."

Packard Museum officials were so impressed with the students' artwork that they selected 10 students' drawings to be put on display for Drive: An Art Exhibition. Five students were chosen from each of Marderosian's two Art I classes. Those students are:

  • Rachel Boll
  • Diamond Bronaugh
  • Chloe Brzozowski
  • Nikki Gabriel
  • Haley Kraft
  • Brandi Melson
  • Sara Peters
  • Zane Shrewsbury
  • Audrey Springman
  • Katie Zopff

Two students (one from each class) will be chosen as the top winner for their class. Some of the drawings will remain on permanent display at the museum. 

"I am looking forward to seeing the top works of art on display and knowing that I have a piece of art in a museum, which is something I can say that's really cool," Nikki Gabriel '18 shared.

"I cannot wait for my students to see their work framed and on display," Marderosian added. "It is a huge accomplishment for them as young artists to have this opportunity.

"This event wouldn't be possible without the innovative minds at the Packard Museum, namely Dan Badger, the museum director.  He is equally excited to foster a partnership with Chaminade Julienne, and has some great ideas on how to further pursue this.  Be on the lookout for our next John Marshall inspired-project which will link our art students and engineering students with 3-D design! "