Students Create Posters for Animal Overpopulation Awareness

Seniors passionate about providing cats and dogs a safe home, rather than on the streets or in an overcrowded shelter, brought their message to 4th grade students at St. Charles School in Kettering as part of their Senior Capstone Project.

“We wanted to spread the word about the importance and benefits of spaying and neutering cats and dogs to counteract the issue of animal overpopulation,” Jasmine Hughes said. “Also, I wanted to focus on animal overpopulation is because I think that all animals deserve to have a loving and safe home, not be homeless on the streets or in crowded animal shelters.”

Hughes along with fellow Capstone group members Chloe Crabb, Nicole Fuchs, and Macleary Moran partnered with SICSA to help share the message.

“We hope by spreading knowledge, we enlightened others as to how much of a problem dog and cat overpopulation really is and some simple ways people can fight against this injustice,” Fuchs shared.

The group came up with a fun way to get the younger students involved with their cause.

“We knew that we wanted to work with younger students for our event, but we needed an exciting activity to have the student complete to truly engage in our presentation,” Hughes explained. “With some guidance, we came up with the poster contest idea so that the students could personally connect with our project focus on animals.”

Fuchs agreed, “The poster contest developed after a lot of brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other. We wanted something unique for our Capstone project and we all agree our poster contest is just that, unique.”

The younger students were asked to draw a picture of their favorite animal. The Capstone group members judged the posters and chose the top five. Each winner received a gift card to an ice cream store and the top three posters were displayed at SICSA.

“We hope that the students learned about the exponential effect of dog and cat overpopulation with the worksheet that we completed with them,” Hughes reflected. “Also from our presentation and pamphlets, we hope that the students learned about the issue of animal overpopulation and the importance of spaying and neutering animals.”

Fuchs added, “I hope the 4th graders were enlightened after our presentation and, hopefully, learned something new. We encouraged the kids to take home a pamphlet to share with their families which included the same information from our presentation. Also, the pamphlet has information about spaying/neutering a dog or cat at SICSA, (which was taken straight from SICSA's website,) in case a family of a 4th grader has an animal at home that their parents wish to have spayed/neutered for a cheaper price than going straight to a vet.”

Posted February 8, 2018